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Understanding the Reasons for Infertility

Elizabeth helped us to understand the reasons for our infertility and set realistic expectations we were able to remain patient and committed to managing my PCOS and optimising our health. As a result we  fell pregnant naturally and now have a beautiful baby girl!

What made you choose to undergo Elizabeth’s program?

After being diagnosed with PCOS my partner and I were concerned about our ability to fall pregnant. We wanted to manage my PCOS and prepare my body most natural way possible for a successful and healthy conception.

Jacinta_For Website_DOB 070813



Welcome to the world Jacinta!
DOB: 9th of August, 2013
Birth weight: 3.3kg




What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

I would certainly recommend anyone who experiencing difficulty conceiving to try Elizabeth’s program. I particularly like how Elizabeth educated us about what was happening to my body and what will happen with my body as I went through each step of the program.

Understanding the process helped us to remain patient and hopeful during the program which was necessary for us to “stick at it”. It’s a physical, emotional and financial investment that requires commitment but it is totally worth it.

Continuing to see and speak with Elizabeth during my pregnancy and after Jacinta’s birth has helped me and our new baby to be very calm, and has left us feeling empowered about the journey and the outcomes through the knowledge she has shared and realistic expectations she has helped us set.  I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s program to others.