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I fell pregnant naturally at 41 with Low AMH

Age, Low AMH and a pituitary tumour didn’t stop us from conceiving naturally

After being told her only chance of having a child would be through IVF, Gisella, at 41 yrs of age and with an AMH level of less than one, fell pregnant naturally after two months of trying.

1. How did you find out about Elizabeth?

I heard about Elizabeth through my Obstetrician/Gynaecologist who was helping me overcome some female issues at the time and who I found to be one of the most professional, intelligent, thorough and delightful specialists I have ever come across. She had discovered that I had a pituitary tumour that was basically preventing me from ovulating.

2. What was your journey like prior to starting Elizabeth’s program and what was different about her approach?

After being told by a lot of doctors that my chances of conceiving were minimal (due to the pituitary tumour) and after trying other different types of natural therapy with little success and 2 miscarriages over the course of 3 years, Elizabeth was my last resort. IVF was not really an option I wanted to explore – which was recommended to me by most doctors who didn’t even seem interested to investigate whether or not I could even conceive, which I found utterly frustrating.

During my first meeting with Elizabeth, I basically laid everything on the table and asked her if there was any chance she could help me with my condition and she explained that based on her experience treating many woman like me, she thought she could. She also suggested that once I had done some preparation work and we started trying it would probably take about three tries for me to fall pregnant.

No-one in any profession had said that to me prior to my encounter with Elizabeth and I felt very lucky to have found her. I walked out of that meeting for the first time in my life feeling as though I could actually have a baby. By following Elizabeth’s fertility program, at 41, with an AMH level less than one, I was able to fall pregnant after 2 months of trying. I found Elizabeth to be incredibly thorough and highly knowledgeable about a woman’s reproductive, hormonal and fertility health. More than any doctor I had encountered.

A big welcome to: Lohan Deubel
Date of Birth: 12th of March, 2013
Birth Weight: 3.2 kilograms
Lohan at 11 days old



3. What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

I have already referred many women to Elizabeth who have been given negative feedback by doctors. They too are feeling hopeful and love Elizabeth’s wealth of knowledge and the detailed information she gives to all of us. I basically tell everyone to at least book in for an initial visit so they can sit and chat with her because she will tell them honestly what their chances are of falling pregnant naturally and/or with ART assistance.

I also tell them about her approach and how she will look at their medical, familial and environmental history to find possible explanations for why they are having problems conceiving and/or maintaining a pregnancy. I usually also mention to them that she has had success with many woman who have failed IVF repeatedly. How incredible is that?

I hope that Elizabeth continues to build her profile (maybe even go on TV?) so that woman around the world can learn of her brilliant achievements and feel more hopeful and positive that they have a chance of becoming a parent if they are struggling to conceive. It is important that they find someone, like Elizabeth who will help them identify the reasons for these problems and seek appropriate help and treatment.

4. Was your journey towards parenthood an easy or difficult one? Why?

I am now 42 years of age and have been dreaming about being a mum all my life. I was however aware that becoming a parent is never easy and can admit that I was afraid. I have to say however that my son Lohan has been the easiest baby to look after. He is so healthy, adorable and is generally quite calm. I truly believe that this is because of my healthy pregnancy which Elizabeth also worked with me on, advising me throughout the entire pregnancy of the nutrients that I required to keep Lohan growing healthily.

5. Would you recommend Elizabeth’s therapies to others?

As mentioned I have been enthusiastically recommending Elizabeth to many women. I not only recommend her to those who are struggling to conceive but also to women who are having hormonal and reproductive issues that their current doctors and/or practitioners are struggling to help with. I trust that they will be taken care of by Elizabeth’s wealth of knowledge just as I was.