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Two natural, successful pregnancies despite PCOS

We’ve had two children naturally with Elizabeth’s help

Despite PCOS and other reproductive issues, Yvette and her husband fell pregnant with their second child on their first try after just three months of preparation to optimise their reproductive health.

PCOS is a common cause of subfertility and infertility. Irregular cycles are often one of the symptoms experienced by those who suffer from PCOS. Obtaining improvements so that mid-cycle ovulation and a regular menstrual cycle occurs can be made possible through integrative, evidence-based interventions. We see this occur frequently with our patients in our own clinic using these methods.

How do we know? Not only do we ask all our female patients to track their cycles using a basal symptothermal chart (you can download one here) and ovulation test kits, we also work alongside conventional practitioners and specialists to ensure that the necessary blood work and hormonal tracking is conducted so that we can closely and accurately track hormonal and cycle changes as well as ovulation. This also allows for further optimisation during pre-ovulatory and luteal phases.

Similarly, with male fertility, we will often refer patients to obtain a before and after semen analysis to ensure that the necessary improvements are occurring.

6 week old Amielle

6 week old Amielle

Welcome to the World Amielle!
Date of Birth: 13th of June, 2013
Birth Weight: 4.46 kilograms


1. How did you find out about Elizabeth?

Our gynaecologist recommended we use Elizabeth once I found out I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She said we should give Elizabeth’s program a try for 6 months before I tried taking metformin and we started the IVF process. We baulked initially as we thought that the medical path would surely be more successful and the best first port of call. However, we did like the sound of the natural approach of preparing our bodies to produce healthy eggs and sperm rather than trying to force a pregnancy with low quality cells by using medication.

2. What made you choose to undergo Elizabeth’s program again that led to the birth of your second child, Amielle?

While my cycle was much better than when we first went to Elizabeth the first time which led to the birth of our son, Quinlin, it was clear I was still ovulating late. For our first child my cycle length was 40+ days with late ovulation and Elizabeth got my cycles healthy, regular with mid-cycle ovulation. We also figured that the last time we had felt great when we were on the program and it worked so why not try that approach again to improve our general well-being and optimise the chance of falling pregnant.

3. What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

I would tell them that if it is a toss up between IVF and Elizabeth’s program then it is worth giving Elizabeth’s approach a go first as it is natural and prepares your body for a healthy pregnancy by improving our own health, including the quality of egg and sperm cells. 

It makes sense to do this before trying to “force” a pregnancy using injections etc. If IVF becomes necessary, then their body is already at a more optimum level to do so anyway, so it is not wasted time and money. I would also mention that she has been successful at helping other couples fall pregnant who have not been able to do so previously through numerous IVF cycles. Finally, I would assure them that she is professional, compassionate and genuine, which makes the appointments feel personal and comforting.

4. Was your journey towards parenting your second child an easy or difficult one? Why?

After undergoing the program for 3 menstrual cycles to tighten up my ovulation and get my husband in a better reproductive health situation, we fell pregnant first try. That was pretty amazing for us, especially considering that I have PCOS. Going through the actual pregnancy is not easy for me, but Elizabeth provides great support the whole way through.