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We were very fortunate to speak with our wonderful friends at MumsDelivery about the lives of busy Mums around Australia.

We all have busy lives and there is often so much crammed into our day with work, family, kids, social lives. Combine that with the ever-present knowledge of increasing work expectations, skyrocketing car payments, crippling mortgages and cost of living, we are challenged to do more, often with less which places a tremendous amount of stress on our minds and bodies. This ever-present stress and worry affects both our ability to perform but can have long-lasting, mental and physical implications for our health and wellbeing.

Woman meditating with tea and stones on a beach shore

We all need a little bit of zen now and again..

However, with young children or new babies constantly vying for our attention, finding time to care for ourselves and find the calm in our lives can be a challenge. Here are five of our favourite naturally occurring herbs which can easily include in your day to help you de-stress.

As always, everyone is different so always best to check with your GP or health practitioner to make sure these are right for you, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

For the full list, have a look over with our friends from MumsDelivery.

Or see it in the magazine by clicking here.

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