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Making the Dream of a Natural Pregnancy a Reality

Vanessa and Dom had dreamed of falling pregnant without the use of IVF. After attending appointments with doctors and other therapists - including a naturopath and an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, they landed in the hands of Elizabeth. Despite being older than when they had first started trying to conceive and adding PCOS and poor sperm quality to the mix, Elizabeth helped them to realise their dream. Within four months of...

Understanding the Reasons for Infertility

Elizabeth helped us to understand the reasons for our infertility and set realistic expectations we were able to remain patient and committed to managing my PCOS and optimising our health. As a result we  fell pregnant naturally and now have a beautiful baby girl! What made you choose to undergo Elizabeth’s program? After being diagnosed with PCOS my partner and I were concerned about our ability to fall pregnant. We wanted to manage...

Two natural, successful pregnancies despite PCOS

We've had two children naturally with Elizabeth's help Despite PCOS and other reproductive issues, Yvette and her husband fell pregnant with their second child on their first try after just three months of preparation to optimise their reproductive health. PCOS is a common cause of subfertility and infertility. Irregular cycles are often one of the symptoms experienced by those who suffer from PCOS. Obtaining improvements so that mid-cycle ovulation and a regular...