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A Healthier Body for a Baby at 40

Our journey with Elizabeth helped us to have healthier bodies for a baby at 40 by overcoming issues in fertility, hormone regulation and general well-being. 

1. How did you find out about Elizabeth?

I found out about Elizabeth through my Bowen Therapist/Body Ecologist who I was seeing at the time for a number of health and physical issues.

2. What made you choose to undergo Elizabeth’s program?

I had experienced a miscarriage in 2011, but it was also a series of menstrual and health problems over the years that compelled me to undergo Elizabeth’s program. I knew that conceiving would be difficult without assistance especially since I was nearly 40 years old, but I was not prepared to undergo rigorous programs that entailed ‘correcting’ my hormones with synthetic drugs. I also did not want to spend precious time and money undertaking programs that would lead to endless disappointment.

My husband and I chose, among the many options available these days, Elizabeth’s program. The program entails the use of herbs and vitamin supplements which are specifically geared towards the body’s needs – hormones are balanced under Elizabeth’s program, NOT “corrected” or masked by synthetics. This latter reason and the fact that the program is aimed at both partners in the relationship were what appealed to me most about the program.

Instead of being pumped with synthetic chemicals, we both benefited from becoming healthier people which led to the birth of our beautiful first child, Olivia.

Web approved_Olivia Sofia



Welcome to the world!
Born: 15th of August, 2013
Weight: 3.57 kilograms



3. What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

Over the years, prior to seeing Elizabeth for the first time, I had seen a few doctors and naturopaths who often guessed at treating my ailments (which ranged from menstrual, thyroid, and skin). The thing that both my husband and I noticed on the first day we saw Elizabeth, and thereafter throughout the program, is her wealth of knowledge and the confidence she exhibits in applying that knowledge practically to treat our health issues. There is NO guess work with Elizabeth and the reason for this is twofold: her specialist background in Reproductive Medicine (which allows her to interpret patient blood work with ease and successfully administer herbs and vitamin supplements based on her interpretations) and the terrific network of doctors she refers her patients to for blood work and further support. 

4. Did you ever find it challenging to stick with the program? If so, how did you overcome these roadblocks?

The most challenging thing about Elizabeth’s program is beginning it. After the first session with her, my husband and I walked away feeling slightly daunted with all the supplements and herbs she prescribed as part of our daily regime. However, our motivation to have a healthy baby was enough to get us over this hurdle – after all, that is why we went to see her in the first place. No program is without its work. When my husband and I started to see improvements with our own health issues (sinuses, acne, menstrual cycle, sugar cravings – to name a few), the motivation to continue with the program increased tenfold.

5. Would you recommend Elizabeth’s Program to others?

My pregnancy was relatively symptom free from start to end. I was active throughout my pregnancy: walking, working, doing the grocery shopping, the housework, etc. (and if my husband had let me, I would have driven myself to hospital the night I went into labour!) Being on Elizabeth’s program not only prepared my body and mind for pregnancy and labour, but also for the sleepless nights both my husband and I are now enduring in caring for our newborn. But, when we look at our Olivia, we find ourselves agreeing that if it were not for Elizabeth, our baby would not exist right now. I’ll take the sleeplessness over the pain of trying to find the right conception program. Committing to Elizabeth’s program makes new life possible.