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PATIENT PERSPECTIVES: Attending the Fertility Education Seminar

Life on the Inside patient Sarah Cowen, provides her thoughts on our new Fertility Education Seminar

I have seen Elizabeth as a patient attending a first consult privately as well as attending her fertility seminar in February. Whilst my first face-to-face consult with Elizabeth a few years back focused on my health history and my reasons for seeing her, I found the seminar provided more detail about the biology and science behind fertility in general.

You can be told for example not to eat sugars or drink caffeine or change your diet but to understand scientifically what this does to your body and therefore to your fertility is really helpful and motivating.  If you have a better knowledge and understanding of how long it takes to get the egg and sperm to their optimal health you can better understand the importance of needing to wait and be patient and to get your body totally ready before trying to conceive.

Life on the Inside practitioner, Elizabeth Mucci explains the HPO Axis in her new Fertility Education Seminar designed to educate couples about the science of fertility

I also think if you can visualise what’s going on in your body you can stay more positive and focused throughout the whole process.  This is what the fertility seminar helps you see and understand.

I think it’s amazing how little most of us actually know about fertility, it’s certainly not covered in detail in schools in the UK (where I’m from) so you can spend months and years failing to conceive without even knowing much about the science behind it or when your fertile windows are.

I think it’s great that there are GPs and medical specialists who fully support Elizabeth’s programme. When you have been following an IVF path or very scientific path it’s good to know and hear that Elizabeth utilises a combination of medical and natural methods.

Being in a room with other couples facing similar challenges and sharing stories is encouraging and insightful. I would definitely recommend the seminar as it gave a real context to everything involved in Elizabeth’s fertility programme.