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Overcoming Postnatal Depression and My Happier Second Pregnancy

After the emotional and mood rollercoaster ride that was her first pregnancy and the postnatal depression that followed, Jo sought Elizabeth’s help to begin making the journey back to her old self again. 

Blaire Millie Stapley with mum_approved


Born: 9th of February, 2013
Birth Weight: 3.70 kilograms



1. How did you find out about Elizabeth?

We found out about Elizabeth through a couple at my partner’s work who had been to see her for fertility and spoke very highly of her. I initially went to see Elizabeth just to rebalance my hormones after already undergoing therapy from a Chinese medical practitioner (without success) and being told by a General Practitioner that I didn’t have a hormone problem I was just a stressed out young mother.

2. Did you feel Elizabeth could help you?

The results spoke for themselves. I saw changes within 1 week. My mood was lifted, my skin (which had been blemish-prone since puberty) improved and I felt like the healthier and happier me I knew I had been before my first pregnancy.

3. What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

I would say that Elizabeth is amazing!!! She conducts a thorough investigation to get to the real cause of your issue looking at the whole picture and assessing the problem from a holistic view. I would say that her science background and integrative, natural therapies go hand-in-hand to give her patients reliable, effective results and that are gentle to the body and also for the growing child in and out of the womb. My partner says we owe the joy of our second pregnancy and the success of Blaire’s birth to Elizabeth.

4. You conceived your first child without Elizabeth’s assistance? Were there any differences in your pregnancy and birth experience this time around? If so, what were they?

Yes it was such a different experience. My first pregnancy I was a hormone monster for the first 4 months, I had frequent nightmares, I was lethargic and spent a lot of time in bed, I had nose bleeds and nausea and cried a lot. I really thought that people lied about the whole magical journey – it was a living nightmare for me.

After suffering nerve damage from my caesarean I was put on a number of very strong drugs in hospital and had to continue taking heavy drugs during the first 6 weeks after birth which led to our first daughter needing a visit to the hospital as she was suffering drug withdrawal symptoms. After the birth I really struggled I was so drained and it wasn’t until at least 9 months after that I realised that I had been suffering post natal depression. I knew my hormones were not back to normal and tried a number of mini pills, all of which made me very angry. It wasn’t until we found Elizabeth 2.5 years after my first birth that I was able to return to my former self.

Though I initially went to see Elizabeth purely to rebalance my hormones, she then went on to help us prepare for pregnancy. We fell pregnant on the first try and my body coped so much better even with a toddler around. I felt my normal self the whole pregnancy. I had no nausea or nightmares, no nose bleeds and I was happier and less stressed. Despite having a double uterus I was able to carry the baby just pass full-term (she was overdue by 2 days). It was the amazing pregnancy that I heard people speak of but didn’t think was possible.

Elizabeth’s treatments are specific for the individual and it helped me through and after the birth. I had no nerve damage and was able to heal and enjoy my baby so much quicker. My postnatal depression has not returned after this second pregnancy thanks to Elizabeth’s help and postpartum care and she has also been helping with Blaire’s growth and development. She is already standing at 7 months!

5. Would you recommend Elizabeth’s Program to others?

I have and will continue to recommend Elizabeth to others because the difference we saw in our two pregnancies and the difference others have noticed in me. Elizabeth made pregnancy such an easier and more enjoyable process, and I feel so much healthier and happier as a result.

We were also very impressed with our Obstetrician who Elizabeth recommended who spoke very highly of her and respected her methods. Having a team who work together for you was great. We felt really supported and felt like we were in great hands through the whole journey! Both Elizabeth and our Obstetrician went above and beyond to help us.