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Our fertility programme is tailored to you, using evidence-based tools and working alongside Sydney’s top medical specialists to ensure that you have the best chance of bringing a healthy child into the world.

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Women's Health

From the onset of puberty right through to menopause, women face changes throughout life that put stress on the body and mind. We look at hormonal imbalances, gut integrity and cellular function to support physical and mental wellbeing.

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Lifestyle & Nutrition

As we begin to age, our bodies don’t recover and repair quite as well or as quickly as they used to. We use a combination of nutritional science and herbal medicine to reduce pain & inflammation, boost energy and lift your mood so you have greater control of your life to enjoy it to the full.

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Many of our patients have seen multiple conventional doctors as well as complimentary therapists before coming to see us.

The difference in our approach is that we believe in personalised healthcare helping you to access the best that medicine and complimentary therapies have to offer.

We help you find the appropriate tools at the appropriate time to get the care you need to get the results you desire whether starting a family, managing a chronic illness or losing weight.

Infertile and Subfertile Patients who fall pregnant within first 5 tries 0
Remarkable reduction in menopausal symptoms within 6 weeks 0
Insomniac patients who notice sleep improvement within 2 months 0
Notable waistline reduction within 6 weeks 0

*Percentages based on clinic data in the past 2 years and includes discontinued patients