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Making the Dream of a Natural Pregnancy a Reality

Vanessa and Dom had dreamed of falling pregnant without the use of IVF. After attending appointments with doctors and other therapists – including a naturopath and an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, they landed in the hands of Elizabeth. Despite being older than when they had first started trying to conceive and adding PCOS and poor sperm quality to the mix, Elizabeth helped them to realise their dream.

Within four months of treatment, Vanessa and Dom fell pregnant on their first try and gave birth to beautiful baby girl Nina Sophia a little earlier this year. Here is their story.

We were recommended to see Elizabeth by our friends, who been through her program. They had fallen pregnant with Elizabeth after many years of trying without success due to issues with PCOS, endometriosis and sperm quality.

In the past, two different specialists had told us that in order to fall pregnant we would need to do IVF.  We had all the paperwork, but something was stopping us, we just weren’t comfortable with that option. We wanted to go with a more natural approach. I believed that IVF was like building a wall with bad bricks, and I thought why not fix the bricks and let the wall build itself. At this time I I was 37 and had PCOS and my partner who was 38 had poor sperm quality. We went to see a naturopath/iridologist, but it was unsuccessful and I never had complete confidence in his process. It was rushed and nothing was really explained to us. I also felt he really didn’t care. We had also gone through several months of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and that had not worked either.

Nina Sophia

Welcome to the world!
Nina Sophia
Born: 30th of September, 2013
Birth Weight: 3.74 Kilograms



I had read the book “Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility” by Sami S. David and Jill Blakeway, which made sense to me, but I never had the confidence or the will power to do it on my own. Once we had a consultation with Elizabeth, a lot of what she advised us on was familiar to me from my prior reading. I knew she definitely had the knowledge to make it happen for us. Her explanation process was so thorough and made sense to me. I had complete confidence in her from the start. Her background and education was evident in her well rounded approach. In fact, Elizabeth knows almost everything!

The great thing about Elizabeth’s approach is that you know that if you are worried about anything you can just ask her and she will set your straight. I always felt comfortable to ask her anything and confident in her answer and knowledge. Not only did she have personal knowledge of her own clinical experience but a well-rounded educated background to support her reasoning.  She made more sense than any doctor or other professional I had seen in our journey to have a baby.

The road to parenthood was difficult until we were on the right track and that was with Elizabeth guiding us along. We fell pregnant the first try after the 3 month cleansing process.

I had a very comfortable pregnancy, and I am sure it is because I continued with Elizabeth’s recommendations of diet and her supplements, and also attending Yoga and pregnancy exercise classes as recommended. I think I felt the healthiest and had the most energy I have had for a long time being on Elizabeth’s program. I ended up having an emergency c-section, but I was up and walking around within 19 hours / overnight. I healed fast and I attribute that to Elizabeth’s program.  Her information post birth has also been so instrumental in helping me through the early days.

I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s program, I have already recommended it to a work friend, who have also already fallen pregnant straight after the cleansing process. Though it is still early days in their pregnancy I am confident it will be smooth sailing for them, just as it was for us.