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I Fell Pregnant Naturally with “Early Menopause”

Despite numerous obstacles including, low sperm count and quality, ovarian dysfunction, PCOS, endometriosis and thyroid issues, Anita, 37, and Luis, 42 are now the proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl, Melissa Valentina. 

Melissa Valentina Baez at 12 weeks

Melissa Valentina Baez at 12 weeks



A big welcome to: Melissa Valentina Baez
Date of Birth:      29 March 2013
Birth Weight:      3.16 kilograms




1. How did you find out about Elizabeth?

We found out about Elizabeth from a colleague at work whose aunt had used Elizabeth’s program.

2. What made you choose to undergo Elizabeth’s program?

After a long time spent trying to conceive without success and hearing about Elizabeth’s work through a recommendation we decided to give the program a try. Once we met Elizabeth we realised how passionate, understanding and committed she was to helping us to make our dream come true.

3. What would you say to someone who was trying to decide whether to undergo treatment with Elizabeth? What information would you tell them about her?

We have shared our story with a number of friends and family, highlighting the fact that it is important that our own bodies are healthy in order to have a healthy babyIt was extraordinary to have someone like Elizabeth helping and guiding us on the right path to reach the balance we needed in our bodies. Elizabeth will find the source of infertility issues and work her magic to overcome the obstacles you have in a natural way. I truly believe due to seeing Elizabeth throughout the pregnancy and for birth preparation, not only was I lucky enough to have a very enjoyable and healthy pregnancy, but also provided with the opportunity to give birth to our baby naturally without the use of drugs.

4. Was your journey towards parenthood an easy or difficult one? Why?

When I was in my twenty’s I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix which were lasered off. Then a little later on, I was told that it would be difficult for me to fall pregnant because I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). With Elizabeth we also discovered that I had endometriosis, thyroid and sugar issues and after tracking my cycle for a few months we also realised that I had one good ovary and one “lazy” one. When we were trying to fall pregnant we knew we had a higher chance every 2nd month as it was more likely that I would be ovulating well from my “good side”. My husband also needed help to increase his sperm count and quality. In the end, after some ups and downs, that involved lots of encouragement between my husband and I to keep each other going I am a happy and healthy 37 year old with a 4-month-old princess.

5.  Would you recommend Elizabeth’s Program to others?

I would definitely without a doubt continue recommending Elizabeth’s program to everyone who is looking for a healthy and natural way to fall pregnant or for her to assist in their IVF process to increase the chances of success. We are extremely happy with her program and we will be returning to see her for help with conceiving our next baby.