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Achieving a full-term pregnancy after a miscarriage and a premature birth

After experiencing the premature birth of her first son and a miscarriage, Nina shares how Elizabeth helped her with the emotional and physical challenges that came with bringing her second son into the world.

The premature birth of my first son, followed by a miscarriage a year later, had caused me to question my capability to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Doctors had been unable to explain why my membranes had ruptured at the 32 week mark of my first pregnancy, nor could they offer anything but statistics when my next pregnancy failed in the first trimester.

Fast forward two years later and my husband and I were ready to try again to give our son a sibling. Going off the pill was a disaster for my body. My hair was falling out, my skin was worse than it had been in my teenage years and my cycles were a nightmare. Again, doctors were unable to offer any explanations.

A chance conversation with another mum gave me a glimmer of promise, when she told me about a nutritionist and herbalist who was helping her in her efforts to conceive her second child. But this wasn’t just any alternative therapist, so I was told, but an expert in reproductive medicine with academic qualifications behind her.

Elizabeth Mucci with Kieran (DOB March 2013)

Elizabeth Mucci with Kieran




Welcome to the world! 
DOB: 1st of March, 2013
Birth weight: 2.67 kilograms



I Googled Elizabeth’s name, picked up the phone and made an appointment. I can’t say I was prepared for the reality of that first consult when Elizabeth started talking about possible causes, tests, detoxing, and a strict program of potions and pills. But I was inspired to take the leap because, for the first time in three years, it felt like a health professional was taking my experiences and concerns seriously. That in itself was cathartic.

Elizabeth sent me to a terrific specialist for a series of investigations and a long, long list of blood tests. While that part wasn’t pleasant, it gave me a sense that my fertility wasn’t being left to chance. With the results in hand, my gynaecologist recommended Elizabeth’s program as the best way to manage my issues.

So began the next phase of the mission. More vitamins, more herbal tonics, a daily appointment with a thermometer and an abundance of hope. Things weren’t looking too good that first month and I’d written it off, but a couple of weeks later I was craving bacon and eggs, a lot. That was my craving during my first pregnancy so I thought I’d take a test. Yep, there was a baby in there.

Having experienced prematurity and miscarriage before, I was fairly anxious about my ability to achieve a full term pregnancy. Elizabeth understood what I’d been through previously and she gave me the helping hand and emotional guidance I needed to get me through. Elizabeth regularly updated my vitamin and herbal tonic regimen to combat issues as they arose, such as leg cramps, bleeding, sinuses and anaemia.

While during the pregnancy the baby gave my husband and I a couple of scares, we made it to that magic full-term mark and welcomed our son at 38 weeks. He’s a happy, healthy baby and Elizabeth’s post-natal program has assisted me in having an abundance of breast milk.

While I initially found this journey a little overwhelming, I quickly became incredibly grateful to have Elizabeth in my corner because of her expertise and compassion. I’ve since referred a couple of friends to Elizabeth and, like me, they’ve found themselves nervous and hopeful about where that first appointment will lead.