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DVD: What do I do now? (Sneak Peek)

We often find that many of our patients from the past who are now experiencing parenthood for the first time have lots of questions for us! For this reason, Elizabeth created the Parenting Naturally DVD series, a tool developed to help couples deal with common and more difficult challenges that come with parenting newborns and infants. Here is a sneak peak at what the second DVD in the series, "What do I...

The Importance of Preconception Tests

Preconception Tests are a crucial aspect of reducing risks associated with infertility, subfertility, recurrent miscarriage and other pregnancy complications. Sadly, many couples from all around the world face these difficult physical, emotional and often traumatic challenges. In fact, according to Boivin et al. (2007) a 9% prevalence of infertility (for at least 12 months) exists in women across the developed and developing world.  An earlier study conducted in France yielded...