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After years of trying I had a natural, healthy pregnancy at 39

Belinda and her partner Ryan have had 2 beautiful daughters with Elizabeth’s help. Here they share the challenges and joys they’ve experienced in growing their family.

How long had you been trying for?

We didn’t start trying to fall pregnant until we saw Elizabeth and worked out what we needed to do to be as healthy as possible to conceive. I was still breastfeeding my daughter Annabella, who was only about 9/10 months of age at the time but we knew we wanted to have another baby ASAP and ensure that we didn’t have issues.  Elizabeth advised us to monitor my hormones and ovulation during her program. With her guidance at the age of 39 I fell pregnant the 1st month we tried after just 3-4 months on her preconception program to prepare our bodies for healthy conception.

You had one child prior to meeting Elizabeth. When you decided to seek help to conceive Annabella, your second child, how long had you been trying to conceive for?

We had a miscarriage a few months before seeing Elizabeth, and had a lot of tests done as it was the 2nd time I had pregnancy issues. My obstetrician recommended I see Elizabeth. Prior to seeing Elizabeth it had been almost 2 years of distress miscarrying 2 pregnancies for different issues.


Welcome to the World: Dominique!
Date of Birth: 28th Nov 2013
Weight: 3.8 kilograms 



What would you say to other parents who are currently trying to conceive. What are some words of encouragement you would offer them?

Don’t give up trying if family is an important part of your life. Children have brought so much joy to our life and its so fulfilling to follow the dreams you have for your own family.  Its important to not lose hope despite experiences that at the time seem like obstacles that are too difficult to overcome – like the age you are. Seek professional help and listen to what their saying. If it wasn’t for the education and assistance that Elizabeth provided we wouldn’t have our 2 daughters now.  We are blessed to have 3 children in total with Dominique being born at the end of last year.

Would you recommend Elizabeth’s services to other couples struggling to conceive?

I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s program and advice to others. I truly believe that we would still be struggling to conceive and progress onto a healthy pregnancy and birth if it wasn’t for Elizabeth. I hate to think that we would continue to experience the heartache of miscarriages and losing another child had we not seen Elizabeth.