Patient Testimonials

“When I met Elizabeth I was 43yrs old, I had gone to her to recover from Glandular Fever.  Through our discussions I told her that I had never used contraception and really had been trying for years to fall pregnant. My partner’s sperm quality was quite bad.  Elizabeth worked intensely with us to correct our bodies and I fell pregnant on our third try after a three month preconception ‘clean-up’.  We both had very toxic lifestyles that included smoking, alcohol and drug use.  I stayed working until I was 38 weeks pregnant and at 39.5 weeks I breezed through the birth to have our amazingly healthy little girl.

                                                                                    What a miracle!!

                                                                                                Thankyou so much!”

                                                                                                Susan and Brett


“I first heard of Elizabeth from my florist who knew that I had been trying to have a baby for 11yrs.  I had done everything I knew was possible to fall pregnant.  I was 26 yrs old when I started and did numerous IVF cycles.  I had operations and many tests, but no success. When I had reached nearly 38 yrs old I met Elizabeth, she did further testing and perfected my health and my cycles.  My husband’s sperm was not good so she gave him a specific supplement and herbal regime to improve sperm quality, and, as the comparative sperm analysis showed, it did!  I fell pregnant at 38 yrs old, had an amazing pregnancy with enough energy to allow me to work until I was 39 weeks pregnant! I had a beautiful baby boy who is so placid, sleeps well and is so healthy! I feel like crying when I think that I wouldn’t have had him if I didn’t meet Elizabeth.”

                                                            Thank you,

                                                                                   Love Anne and Peter


“Before meeting Elizabeth Mucci I had gone to a naturopath who specialised in fertility. They had helped me improve my irregular cycles due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  However, after trying for 1 year, I was still unable to fall pregnant.  A friend of mine who had fallen pregnant under Elizabeth’s program recommended that I see her instead.  Elizabeth had my cycles perfect within 2 months and my husband’s health dramatically improved within this time also.  I fell pregnant 1st go once Elizabeth thought that everything was ready and told us to start trying again.  That was within 3 months of starting her program.  She was so pleasant to work with and very helpful.  She understood and could interpret our medical results, reports and past treatments.  I had an amazing little boy who is so smart and healthy.  We returned back to Elizabeth after he turned 1yr old to prepare our bodies for our 2nd baby.  Again after 3 months of preconception preparation I fell pregnant 1st go and am 6 weeks away from delivery.  It has been another great pregnancy!

I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to quickly and effectively fall pregnant.”


“A friend of mine went to Elizabeth for fertility treatment and fell pregnant successfully.  She told me about her and now, thanks to her recommendation, I am the proud mother of a gorgeous baby boy!  I owe this success to the work Elizabeth did with me and my husband.  I had tried for 4 years with no success.  I had seen doctors but they had not picked up important factors that decreased my fertility, and there were many.  Elizabeth found them and dealt with them.  I had personalised medical, herbal and nutritional treatment, and fell pregnant within 1 year of beginning my treatment at the age of 35yrs old.  I worked till I was 38 weeks pregnant, and love being a mum.  My baby is so healthy peaceful and sleeps well.

I was so lucky to meet you.

See you for my second soon!”

Thanks, Jane and Bill


 “I heard of Elizabeth through my beautician who knew that I had been trying to fall pregnant for 4½ yrs.  I had done 2 cycles of IVF and felt so sick.  When I met Elizabeth she had me do tests that had been overlooked.  I had the necessary medical, herbal and nutritional treatment.  My husband also had poor sperm quality and health.  I fell pregnant within 10 months of meeting Elizabeth due to this treatment of the many problems I had that were not previously dealt with by my gynaecologist and IVF specialist.  I now have a beautiful baby boy.  My pregnancy was great and I worked till I was 37 weeks pregnant.

                                                                        Thank you for helping me be a mum!”