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A Healthy Life starts Inside

At Life on the Inside we believe that knowledge empowers us to change the way we think about our health and bodies to live a happier, healthier life.

Our head practitioner, Elizabeth Mucci, is a mentor, educator and healthcare professional with over 17 years experience in integrative hormonal and reproductive medicine. 

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Elizabeth Mucci

 MSc.Rep Med, BSc (Biochem. and Physiology), Adv. Dip. HMed, Adv. Dip. NSc

As a scientist, nutritionist and herbalist with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine, Elizabeth is a passionate health advocate whose principles as a clinician and teacher have enabled her to help thousands of patients start their families both in Australia and overseas including the US, UK, Canada, China and Japan. 

Prior to joining Elizabeth’s fertility programme, most of our patients have been facing particularly challenging fertility issues that have resulted in multiple miscarriages and repeat IVF failures. 

Elizabeth also works with patients who often have unresolved health care issues in women’s and men’s reproductive health including low libido in both men and women, irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and poor sperm quality.

Elizabeth’s greatest ambition is to provide both her patients and peers with the tools they need to enable more people around the world to build the happy, healthy families they’ve dreamed of.

The combination of Elizabeth’s education in science, nutrition, herbal medicine and conventional medicine along with her close work with a number of conventional Fertilty Specialists in and around the Sydney region has provided her with a unique perspective on hormonal and reproductive health.

Recently, Elizabeth has started a health podcast to promote discussions on healthcare issues for those interested in a broad range of health topics. In the past Elizabeth has also made appearances on Triple M’s morning breakfast show and was also the creator of the Parenting Naturally DVD series, providing step-by-step advice on common challenges these new families face.